Fire Your Inspiration: Extra-Ordinary Things

Happy New Year, my dear friends!!

This year, I’m starting a new series of posts that is all about kindling our inspiration and keeping the fires of creativity and determination blazing in our hearts.

Any creative work including writing is all about inspiration. Our stories, our characters, our magical worlds touch our hearts and inspire us so much that we find no rest until we pen them down.

But there are times when inspiration is solely lacking from our lives, when the daily struggles of the “real” world bog us down and keep us tied for days and weeks together. One of the things that really helped me get out of this and get inspired again was watching inspirational videos. So in the “Get inspired” Posts, I’m going to share all the video clips and techniques that really touched my heart and pulled me up from the quagmires of banality.

Here’s one such video about Ordinary People Doing Extra-ordinary things.

Think your goals and dreams are almost impossible because of life-situations? Take a look at this video and think again…

At the start this year, I swear to myself I’ll not rest till I achieve my dreams just like these “ordinary” people did…

What about you?

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